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CoolSculpting Belly | Eliminate Stubborn Fat in the Stomach

Belly fat, or stomach pouches, is a common issue for many individuals. Fat deposits naturally accumulate in the lower abdomen. Since “spot reducing” fat is not possible, reducing belly fat is extremely challenging. The truth is that belly fat in the stomach has many causes. Most of the leading causes are gender, age, genetics, hormones, and even some medical conditions or illnesses. In addition, due to the biology of belly fat, it tends to resist diet and exercise. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce stubborn, hard-to-lose belly fat without surgery.

Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting belly treatments and how to shed pesky stomach fat and contour a chiseled, lean waist.

The Little Known Causes of Belly Fat

Poor lifestyle choices do not always cause belly bulges. Estrogen directs the body to deposit fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs for women. As women get older, the estrogen drops, causing fat cells to accumulate more in the lower tummy. For men, the lower stomach is the body’s default area for storing extra pounds. Gender and hormones also affect belly fat, as does age. The metabolism declines as the body ages, causing it to use up fewer calories. A slower metabolism means fat is harder to lose, especially in problem areas like the stomach.

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Belly Fat Solutions

Eating a healthy diet and consistently working out is vital for weight control. However, diet and exercise are not always enough to avoid weight gain. Consequently, both are also not enough to eliminate the risk of a stubborn buildup of fat in the belly. As a result, many individuals select to seek professional help to reduce their belly fat.

Liposuction is among one of the most popular ways to reduce belly fat. While it is effective, it also comes with several drawbacks. For men and women who want to eliminate belly fat without the drawbacks of liposuction like painful surgery, a lengthy recovery period, general anesthesia, there is finally a non-invasive answer.

CoolSculpting Belly Treatments

CoolSculpting is the #1 fat reduction method that nonsurgically reduces fat without surgery. Treatments are FDA cleared as safe and effective using an advanced cooling technology known as Cryolipolysis. This fat reduction method eliminates fat buildup in the lower stomach quickly and conveniently. In as little as 35-minutes, clients can receive a contoured waistline.

During CoolSculpting belly treatments, an applicator emits a calibrated cooling to freeze the subcutaneous fat cells below the skin’s surface. Once the fat cells “freeze,” their cell membrane becomes brittle, causing it to rupture. This process triggers cell death. Several weeks after treatment, the body naturally gathers the death cells and processes them out of the body as waste. CoolSculpting provides a lasting fat reduction because once the body removes the dead cells, they can never return or grow back.

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