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CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat | Reduce Double Chins

CoolSculpting chin treatments target and correct double chins, jowls, and turkey necks. This non-invasive treatment is the best way to reduce submental fullness without surgical drawbacks. If you struggle to reduce chin or neck fat, CoolSculpting chin treatments might be the answer you need. Read on to learn more about the most popular body contouring treatment.

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What Causes Double Chins?

Double chins are not always a byproduct of an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, chin fat affects 2 out of 3 adults, despite their lifestyle choices. Chin fat is challenging to lose because it is influenced by gender, genetics, hormones, and age. Before CoolSculpting emerged in 2010, liposuction was the only way these individuals could eliminate chin and neck fat. Unfortunately, while successful, liposuction is a surgical procedure with many downsides. Thanks to CoolSculpting, people can contour and reduce submental fullness without the fear of surgery.

Do Double Chin Exercises Work?

The idea that you can “spot reduce” fat is a myth. Whether you struggle with a double chin or belly fat, you cannot specifically target and reduce fat cells in that area with exercise. For example, you can eat multiple salads a day and spend hours in the gym working your core but still struggle with stubborn belly fat.

Stop wasting time doing double chin exercises. If the stubborn bulge resists diet and exercise, a fat reduction treatment like CoolSculpting may be the right solution to reduce excess fat in the chin and neck.

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Reducing Double Chins with the CoolMini

CoolSculpting was released in 2010, introducing the world to Cryolipolysis. Today, thanks to a new line of applicators, the revolutionary fat reduction treatment is now more effective. The CoolMini applicator addresses small, isolated pockets of fat in areas that are harder to treat on the body. The CoolMini is uniquely designed to fit under the chin easily and it is perfect at contouring the neck and chin.

CoolSculpting Chin Results

CoolSculpting totes and impressive safety profile. Thanks to countless research and clinical trials coupled with millions of successful treatments around the world, CoolSculpting is safe and effective for every patient.

One study published on the success and safety of CoolSculpting chin reports that “there was a statistically significant reduction in submental fat and patients expressed high satisfaction with the treatment.”

Other studies evaluating the efficacy of CoolSculpting chin and neck fat to reduce submental fullness found:

  • 20% reduction in submental fat
  • 8 out of 10 patients would recommend the treatment to their friends
  • Results seen in 1 to 2 treatments.

CoolSculpting Chin Treatments Near Me

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