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DIY CoolSculpting | Why CoolSculpting at Home Never Works

CoolSculpting is one of the world’s most popular treatments, reducing fat without painful surgery. As more people saturate the internet with their CoolSculpting before and after transformations and reviews, a new trend continues to gain momentum. Many people are promoting CoolSculpting at home as a safe and effective way to eliminate fat when it is very hazardous to save money.

Read on to learn more about the safety concerns associated with DIY CoolSculpting and why CoolSculpting at home is ineffective.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting uses a scientific technology known as Cryolipolysis (“cryo” = cold + “lipo” = fat + “lysis” = cell death.) To put it easily, CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells by exposing them to extreme, controlled cooling.

CoolSculpting is the only treatment FDA cleared treatment that uses this controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat deposits.

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Why CoolSculpting Cannot Be Copied

CoolSculpting is a highly advanced treatment. It cannot be copied at home. Here are a few reasons why CoolSculpting treatments are the only safe way to reduce fat:

Vacuum Mechanism

CoolSculpting applicators draw tissue up using a gentle vacuum mechanism. Suction is an integral part of the fat freezing treatment, and it cannot be duplicated at home.

When an area on the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the fat cells move away from the skin’s surface to protect themselves. The applicator’s suction pulls those fat cells to the surface, where they are exposed to the controlled cooling that freezes them.

Controlled Cooling

CoolSculpting does not technically freeze fat. Instead, it chills the fat by drawing heat out of the fat cells via precisely controlled cooling. Scientists from Harvard spent years researching and developing this technology. CoolSculpting machines utilize a precise temperature for a specific amount of time. Chilling fat cells correctly triggers cell death, signaling the body to collect and get rid of the dead cells.

Proprietary CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting is a body sculpting treatment the reduces problematic fat cells and sculps sexy curves. The CoolSculpting machine comes with various applicators, each created to mold to different areas of the body. This precise fit cannot be duplicated at home with ice packs, as some people attempt. The applicator’s shape allows specialists to contour the treatment area, reduce fat cells, and define muscles.

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Safety Mechanisms

One of the biggest reasons CoolSculpting should be left to the professionals is because this treatment has significant safety features. The machine comes with numerous safety measures to ensure patient safety and well-being.

The gel pad: Gel pads protect the skin from frostbite. They are used on the skin before the applicator is placed onto the treatment area. The gel pad insulates the skin from thermal injury.

Temperature sensors: Hypersensitive temperature gauges in the applicators continually monitor the skin’s temperature during treatment. If the skin’s temperature drops below the safety threshold, the machine stops. This gauge also ensures that the subcutaneous fat is Cool Sculpted at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

Safe CoolSculpting Treatments Near Me

Don’t risk the safety of your skin trying to save a little bit of money. If you want to reduce your fat using CoolSculpting, leave it to the professionals. RenovoMD is a proud provider of safe, licensed CoolSculpting treatments in the Northborough MA area. To learn more about safe, effective fat-freezing treatments, call us at 508-393-6398.

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