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RenovoMD is proud to be one of the only medical practices in the area to offer both CoolSculpting and Exilis for the treatment of skin tightening and fat reduction.

CoolSculpting is treatment that utilizes a cooling technique that freeze fat cells, destroying them to safely reduce fat by 20-25% with just one treatment. For those extra bulges and pouches that diet and excerise don’t take care of, CoolSculpting is the answer.

The Exilis system uses radio frequency to non-surgically shape the body and reduce fatty deposits as well as tighten skin. Other machines on the market couldn’t promise circumferential reduction, until now. This FDA approved, technological breakthrough treatment offers the capability of dual function radio-frequency radio-waves in one hand-piece to achieve the best results. Patients notice a smoothing and tightening of the area treated as well as a reduction in circumference.

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