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Laser Hair Removal

A non-invasive procedure that is used for the long-term and permanent reduction and even removal of unwanted hair is known as laser treatment. You also enjoy smoother and softer skin with laser treatment, unlike other methods of hair removal.

What is the process?

This procedure works by focusing a laser beam comprised of highly concentrated light directly towards the targeted area. The process generates heat that first discourages and eventually completely destroys the hair and its regrowth potential. After the treatment, the treated area is then cleaned up and sunblock is applied. A series of treatments are necessary to treat the various hair growth cycles effectively.

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Some benefits of Laser Hair Removal

As a permanent hair reduction procedure, it is duly approved by the FDA.
You can immediately resume your regular routine as there is no downtime after the procedure.

  • Quick treatment of large areas.
  • Less pain and discomfort as opposed to other treatments.

For the best results, you’ll want four to six treatments every few weeks with additional maintenance once every six to twelve months. Your individual circumstances will be used to determine the number of treatments you will require.

What are the side effects?

The treatments are safe and very effective with minimal discomfort.
Most patients only feel a mild sting, so the treatment is very tolerable.
The treatment site may exhibit some redness, irritation, and sensitivity following the procedure, these disappear quickly.

If Laser is not an option: check out electrolysis

With electrology, a thin needle is injected into each follicle and a current of electricity is emitted to damage the follicle to keep it from growing. This is a great option for small areas and for hair that does not have enough pigment for laser treatment.

“I like the freedom of not having to go every few weeks to have my upper lip and chin waxed.”

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