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What Treatments Are Offered?

The portfolio of treatments available in medspas are much different than a traditional spa. In a medical setting under the supervision of a physician, treatments are comprised of various laser and light systems which safely and effectively treat skin conditions such as roseaca (facial redness), melasma (pigmentation), acne, aging skin, etc. A series of treatments is typically recommended to achieve optimal results.

What About Injectables?

Another popular trend at RenovoMD are facial injectables. Treatments such as BOTOX and cosmetic dermal fillers are administered by a physician to treat facial fine lines and wrinkles effectively without a lot of downtime.

BOTOX to Erase Wrinkles

BOTOX for instance, referred to as the “lunch time” procedure, is a purified protein that is injected into certain facial muscles to keep us from making dynamic expressions that cause wrinkling overtime. Patients need to be retreated between 3-5 months to maintain the results. As with any injectable procedure, patient must be educated about what product is used and that a trained certified physician or nurse is performing the procedure. Patients can immediately go back to work following the procedure.

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Fillers to Add Volume

Cosmetic dermal fillers are also a desired procedure. Many of the fillers are made from a hylaronic acid (HA) derived from naturally occurring complex sugars, and are injected into facial folds or areas that have lost volume overtime. A most recent addition to the filler family is a product referred to as Voluma, which is indicated for instant cheek augmentation that lasts 18 to 24 months. It has been noticed that as we age, our cheeks lose volume and flatten causing them to sag. By adding volume to the cheek area, a more youthful profile is created. Renovo MD Medical Spa in Northborough, MA was one of the first centers to offer this breakthrough filler product.

How About Body Sculpting?

Non invasive body contouring is another procedure that patients are preferring over major surgery such as liposuction or surgical lifts. Specifically, CoolSculpting, a treatment that involves actually freezing fat cells, eliminating them up to 25% with each treatment. Radio frequency (RF)  systems are also another method of reducing fat and tightening skin which have shown to be very effective with a series of treatments. Renovo MD has carefully selected both the Pelleve and Exilis systems to safely treat patients for non invasive skin tightening and fat reduction. A series of treatments are necessary to receive optimal results.

Skin Rejuvenation at Its Best

As like other medspas, RenovoMD also offers less aggressive procedures to maintain results from other procedures or to simply maintain healthy looking skin. Medical grade chemical peels, microdermabrasion, intense pulse light (IPL) treatments, permanent cosmetics, etc. just to name a few are also part of the portfolio of treatments.

Whether a patient is looking for a slight improvement in how they look, or they want a dramatic change in their appearance, our staff of highly trained practitioners consult with every new patient to determine what the their skin care and/or body shaping goals are and to recommend a course of treatment.

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