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The treatments available per condition are as follows:

Acne Treatment

This treatment focuses on the regulation of sebum (oil), destruction of bacteria, rehydration of the skin and repair of the barrier function. A regular series of acne facials will result in clearer skin, even skin texture, and slow down of sebum production to significantly reduce the bacteria on the skin surface that can result in breakouts.

Hydrating / Anti Aging Treatment (with BioJuv M Complex)

Proper cleansing, exfoliation and rehydration are critical for proper moisture maintenance of the skin. Barrier impairment is a typical cause of chronic hydration so preparing the barrier is an integral part of the hydration process. The skin will be stimulated to produce more lipids so the barrier becomes stronger and retains more moisture.

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Brightening / Pigmentation Treatment (with Bio-Juv DS)

This brightening treatment specifically addresses tone and texture deficiencies in the skin that lead to pigmentation, dull skin and a rough complexion. Targeting the melanocytes (color producing cells at the Epidermal-Dermal Junction) in the skin with multiple pathway interruptions in the color producing process reveals a healthier tone and texture.

Calming Treatment (with BioJuv CALM Complex)

Skin that appears red, flushed or inflamed would benefit most from this treatment. The Bio-Juv Calm Complex used addresses many of these processes and interrupts them in a way that provides relief.

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