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A lot of people desire a perfectly shaped body (6 pack abs, slim spine and sides) or at least dream to see their trunk in a better shape than it is now. Many spend hours at the gym trying to achieve that perfect dream body yet to only look in the mirror after months of hard work and still be somewhat disappointed with that stubborn fat. For those seeking a simple way to sculpt and shape without having to follow spartan dieting plans a sometimes dangerous, invasive procedure like liposuction, CoolSculpting is the way to go. Today it’s one of the most commonly recommended procedures for both women and men who want to get more desirable body contours. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment for stubborn areas that works by freezing fat cells, causing them to die and be eliminated from the body. The best part: there is virtually no downtime and you can see some results within the first month with full blown results by the end of the second month.

What is CoolSculpting?

It is an FDA-approved non-invasive lipo-reduction treatment for the purposes of body contouring that uses a specific cooling technology to get rid of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is the body shaping technology. Sometimes it is wrongly thought of as a weight loss technology but many people don’t understand the difference between fat reduction and weight loss. You can lose weight without decreasing the amount of fat cells you have, they just get smaller as you get thinner but the amount that is present doesn’t change. Fat reduction means actually eliminating the fat cells so that they never return.

Unlike typical weight loss surgery procedures, CoolSculpting results last a long time because once the fat cells are destroyed they can’t come back. As a low-cost, safer alternative to surgery the only way to ruin your results is by completely throwing the idea of living a healthy lifestyle out the window. Just because the fat cells have been destroyed it doesn’t mean you can’t make new ones as the result of bad dieting habits and chair-sitting lifestyle.

What Is Treatment Like?

After you and your physician select the areas you want to be treated a suction device that does the cooling is put on the area you want to treat and starts freezing the fat cells. The whole session takes about an hour and since it is not a surgical treatment the time you have to wait before getting back to your day-to-day routine is zero. You can expect to see results within the first month and as months go by your body will process and eliminate any remaining treated fat cells.

Picking the Right Doctor

When you are considering cosmetic treatment nothing makes more of a difference in your results than picking the right professional who has experience in cosmetic procedures and body contouring. Your results will be long-lasting so don’t get stuck with a doctor that isn’t knowledgeable or one who makes you feel uncomfortable simply because you didn’t research them before going for the procedure. You will want to look for a doctor with proven results, great testimonials and an abundance of experience.

One such doctor is Dr. Jean Casello that offers CoolSculpting in Northborough, MA. After working in internal medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Jean Casello made the leap into cosmetic procedures. After learning the ins and outs of cosmetic procedures she created her own aesthetic practice.  Wanting a place that would offer procedures based on the concept of “Science, Beauty and Wellness” she opened RenovoMD in 2008.

CoolSculpting isn’t for those looking to lose a lot of weight but if you have love handles, muffin tops or a little back fat it is the perfect solution for you and with great cosmetic doctors like Dr. Casello you can be on your way to the body of your dreams in the amount of time it would take you to go on a lunch break.

photo of a woman AFTER  getting Cool Sculpting on her stomach
photo of a woman before getting Cool Sculpting on her stomach

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