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Northborough Botox Treatments Also Offering Dysport Injections

Botox has spent years in the spotlight of cosmetic and medical treatments, and that is not changing. It’s a classic treatment that goes beyond smoothing and enhancing the skin to temporarily relieve discomfort for migraine sufferers. At RenovoMD, our physician-backed treatments are meant to help every patient meet their skincare goals. For well over a decade, we have been the premiere Botox destination in Central Massachusetts. Don’t hesitate to call
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Botox Vs. Dysport

Even though Botox will remain an excellent choice for dynamic wrinkle concerns, it does have a common alternative: Dysport. Dysport is made from the same ingredients as Botox. However, Dysport starts working a bit more quickly and lasts longer than Botox. It is more diluted than Botox, which helps it spread over larger areas. Many patients choose Dysport for their forehead because of this. Botox, on the other hand, is more potent. It targets specific areas of the face for deeper wrinkles. Both treatment options are among the best ways to minimize muscle movement, combat existing wrinkles, and prevent future ones.

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Botox & Dysport

Our expert injectors offer Botox treatments to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and Botox has spent years in the spotlight of cosmetic and medical treatments, and that is not changing.

Length of Treatment

15 min

Number of Treatments

when needed

Time Frame

every 3-4 months

Common Cosmetic Uses for Botox

Botox injections are made with purified ingredients that many patients use throughout their face, neck, and hands to diminish unwanted facial wrinkles.

Botox for Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are the lines around the bridge of the nose that are put on display when you make facial expressions like “wrinkling your nose.” Strategically placing Botox injections on either side of the nose can reduce the appearance of wrinkles while still allowing for facial expression.

Botox Under Eyes

This is also called “jelly roll” Botox because of the way undereye muscle bulges can appear. What Botox does for undereye bags is help the muscle relax so that when you squint or smile, that jelly roll no longer appears. Some patients choose fillers to alleviate undereye concerns. Our team is happy to help you determine which anti-wrinkle injection solution is best for you.

Botox Lips

A Botox lip flip is a procedure that is very popular among patients. It makes your lips look fuller with Botox injections around the edges of your lips and in the corners of your mouth. These injection locations relax the muscles around your upper lip. As the muscles relax, the upper lip will flip upward enough to make the lips appear fuller without actually adding volume.

Botox Forehead

Forehead wrinkles are incredibly stubborn. So many patients try different serums and creams to no avail. Fortunately, a few injections throughout the forehead make an astonishing difference in relaxing the muscles. Now, when you raise your eyebrows, your forehead will remain smooth.

Masseter Muscle Botox

You can reshape your jaw without surgery. The masseter muscle is a facial muscle connecting your lower jaw to the cheek. This muscle can become enlarged, especially if you grind your teeth. Botox injections help the masseter muscle to work a little less hard, slimming your face naturally over time. 

Botox Brow Lift

While a surgical brow lift is an extensive, invasive procedure, Botox offers a quick, non-invasive alternative. The results are temporary, do not require surgery, and can be maintained with routine treatments. A Botox brow lift will stop your eyebrows from drifting downward as the skin loses elasticity. After paralyzing the muscles, your brows can raise anywhere from one to three millimeters. 

Crow’s Feet Botox

Crow’s feet are also known as lateral canthal lines or laugh lines. Essentially, they are the fine lines you see on your eyes’ outer corners. Botox is one of the most effective solutions for combating wrinkles and lines around this delicate area.

Popular Medical Uses for Botox

In addition to handling wrinkles and lines, there are some conditions that Botox is quite useful for easing symptoms. While it is not a cure, Botox injections can help to block chemical signals from the nerves causing muscles to contract. This alleviates discomfort significantly.

Botox for Headaches

Normal headaches that occur every so often are easily treated with home remedies or over-the-counter medications. However, those who have more than 15 headaches in one month (this is considered a chronic migraine) or fewer headaches but the intensity persistently rises to a migraine often choose Botox. 

Botox injections once every three months are normal for reducing how often migraines occur. 

Botox for Sweating

Excessive sweating quickly becomes uncomfortable, sometimes even embarrassing, when it happens at the wrong time. Some patients struggle with sweating too heavily and too often, even when they’re not exercising or hot. The medical term for this is hyperhidrosis. Your cosmetic injector will strategically place Botox injections that essentially turn off some of the sweat glands in your treatment area. 

Botox for Lazy Eye

One of the major reasons for a lazy eye (strabismus) is an imbalance of muscles that move the eye. Botox has been useful for lazy eyes since the 1970s. Your aesthetic nurse injector will use a needle that connects to an electromyogram (EMG). This EMG signals where a contracting muscle exists so that a small dose of Botox targets it.

Botox Results

No matter what reason you have for choosing Botox, you can expect to see the effects on muscles 24-48 hours after treatment. The results last three to four months, with the maximum amount of muscle weakening about two weeks after injections. The reason Botox injections are not permanent is that the muscle cells develop new receptors. That means the signaling capabilities from the nerve to the muscle come back, and the Botox wears off. With that being said, repeat treatments can help keep the effects intact for longer as the body adjusts.

Botox Before and After*

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Finding the Best Botox Cosmetic in Northborough

Botox Injections by a Licensed MD

Owner and Medical Director, Dr. Jean Casello is a leader in Massachusetts medical aesthetics and her practice offers the latest technology and services in non-invasive facial and body treatments based on “Science, Beauty, and Wellness.

Botox Cosmetic Reviews From RenovoMD Patients

I’ve had an amazing experience with Dr. Casello. She is always very kind, professional and courteous. She also makes me feel comfortable during every procedure and the results are beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend her, she is very knowledgeable in her field.
K. Lacasse

Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles With Dysport

For years Botox has been the go-to solution for women and men everywhere seeking treatment to reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face. Recently a new treatment has been developed to give Botox a run for its money. Dysport is an FDA-approved treatment for deep lines on the face. The effects last for at least three months and all the way up to six months. Call our qualified providers today to schedule your appointment to get a course of treatment with Dysport in Northborough.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is made from the same ingredient as Botox and became FDA approved in 2009. It was originally developed to treat neuromuscular disorders but once it was realized it could be used for cosmetic purposes it quickly becomes a common alternative to Botox. Although it is very similar to Botox it lasts longer and acts quicker than it.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you make a movement with your face whether it’s to smile or frown you are contracting facial muscles. These muscles are called dynamic wrinkles because once you stop moving your face they completely disappear but as you age the lines and wrinkles become more apparent since the skin loses its elasticity. Dysport is injected into the muscles that cause these facial wrinkles causing them to freeze in place.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Dysport Injections?

If you have not suffered from any of these conditions you are eligible to receive Dysport injections:
  • ALS
  • Problems swallowing
  • Breathing disorders like asthma
  • Facial muscle weakness
  • Seizures
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Bleeding problems
If you plan on having surgery on your face or you have received injections containing botulinum toxin within the past four months you should not try and receive Dysport treatment.

Experience the Best Botox and Dysport in Northborough, MA

We use our faces to express so many emotions throughout our lives. With time, the skin naturally loses some of its ability to bounce back from all these movements, so it only makes sense when lines begin to form. But just because you’ve earned those wrinkles and lines does not mean you need to keep them. Botox and Dysport, when properly administered by trained professionals, is a safe and effective way to combat signs of aging. RenovoMD is a clean, comfortable facility in Northborough, Massachusetts. Our location is easily accessible from Northborough, MA, Westborough, and other areas throughout central MA. Give us a call or book a complimentary consultation for Botox and Dysport injections.


Within 3 to 5 days after the procedure, you will already start to notice the results. This normally lasts approximately between 3 and 4 months. BOTOX injections are known to be safe, effective, and affordable. However, discussing the side effects with Dr. Casello is still advised. To maintain the desired results, follow-up treatments are also recommended.

Some patients experience redness, swelling, and/or tenderness at the injection sites. Bruising is possible, but is short lasting (7 days or less).

Botox is an effective FDA approved treatment for chronic migraines.


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