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CoolSculpting Elite Applicators | New Fat-Freezing in Northborough

Millions of people use cosmetic treatments to reduce fat cells and sculpt a sexier physique. Thankfully, with technological advancements, non-invasive fat-freezing makes tackling hard-to-lose fat easy and comfortable. CoolSculpting was the first treatment of its kind. Now the makers of the first fat-freezing treatment are introducing CoolSculpting Elite. This new treatment features many technological improvements and new devices that make reducing fat easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting Elite applicators and how they reduce twice the amount of fat cells in less time.


What’s Different about CoolSculpting Elite Applicators?

The new applicators are made with patient comfortability and body contouring results in mind. The CoolSculpting Elite machine features SEVEN new devices. These include 4 applicators in the Curve Series: Curve 80, Curve 120, Curve 150, and Curve 240. In addition, there are two applicators in the Flat Series: Flat 125 and Flat 165. The 7th applicator is the Surface 150.

In addition, the Elite machine can now complete TWO cycles simultaneously. This cuts down on treatment time, sometimes cutting it in half. It also means you can have two applicators placed in separate areas of the body during one cooling cycle. For example, you can treat both love handles in one cycle instead of using two like you would with the original CoolSculpting treatment.

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The new C-shaped CoolSculpting Elite applicators are 30% lighter and make better contact with tissue. This means more effective fat reduction. In addition, each device’s design improves the comfortability of the treatment making CoolSculpting Elite a more pleasant fat-freezing experience.

Additionally, the CoolSculpting Elite applicators also do the following:

  •         Freeze fat more effectively for better fat reduction
  •         More ergonomically designed
  •         Safe and less invasive
  •         Improves treatment experience and minimizes discomfort
  •         Freezes fat faster


CoolSculpting Elite Applicators | Curve Series

Curve 80

The C80 applicator targets one of the most common trouble zones: double chins and neck fat. Unfortunately, submental fullness is hard to lose through manual exercise and diet. Thankfully, this new CoolSculpting Elite applicator treats submental fat. In addition, this device is even small enough to treat knee fat and other smaller pockets of fat.

Curve 120 + Curve 150

The C120 and C150 contour and reduce fat from popular areas like the abdomen, love handles, and banana rolls. They sculpt and contour areas while freezing and reducing fat cells.

Curve 240

The largest CoolSculpting Elite Applicator, the C240, attacks larger areas of the body like the abdomen. This device eliminates fat cells before sculpting, shaping, and contouring a more slim, lean physique.


CoolSculpting Elite Applicators | Flat Series

The Flat 125 and Flat 165 contour areas holding onto persistent fat: the arms and inner thighs. Each applicator in the Flat Series makes contouring hard-to-treat places more convenient and comfortable.

The Surface Applicator

The Surface CoolSculpting Elite Applicator, or S150, is the best device for small areas of fat not large enough for suction-based applicators. It treats various areas, including, but not limited to, the outer thighs and the abdomen.

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CoolSculpting Elite Near Me

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