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CoolSculpting Side Effects and Risks

Before people commit to CoolSculpting, they want to know more about the safety of the treatment. Are there CoolSculpting side effects? CoolSculpting risks? Fortunately for people who want to achieve fat reduction and body contouring without surgery, CoolSculpting has a high safety profile. Millions of treatments are done successfully daily, along with scores of clinical studies and research to further back the safety of CoolSculpting. As a result, the risk is low, adverse events are rare, and CoolSculpting side effects, if present, are mild and temporary.

Read on to learn more about the possible side effects that might occur afterward, what risks are involved, and steps to avoid them entirely.

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Scientific Studies Prove CoolSculpting is Safe

CoolSculpting safety is supported by countless scientific studies. Each study claims the same thing; CoolSculpting is safe. One study found, “No significant side effects or adverse events were reported,” and  concluded, “With proper patient selection, cryolipolysis is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment method for reduction of subcutaneous fat.”

The study, “Cryolipolysis For Noninvasive Body Contouring” published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology also supports CoolSculpting’s safety. The study reports, Cryolipolysis has been proven to be a very safe method for body contouring, and is accomplished with only minimal discomfort” and concludes, “Cryolipolysis is considered to be both safe and efficient with a high patient satisfaction rate.”

CoolSculpting Side Effects

After a successful treatment, the body naturally initiates an immune response to collect the dead fat cells. Once this occurs, the body processes them out of the body through the lymphatic system. As a result, after treatment, patients can experience one or more of the following symptoms associated with an immune response:

  • swelling (medical name)
  • redness (erythema)
  • tenderness
  • bruising

The symptoms, if present, are isolated to the treatment area. Furthermore, if patients experience them, they are only mild and resolve themselves quickly.

CoolSculpting Risk

While CoolSculpting risk is extremely low, there are rare cases of adverse reactions. The notable reaction being paradoxical adipose hyperplasia at the treatment site. This occurrence is rare but is a serious CoolSculpting side effect when the frozen fat cells grow larger. It happens mostly in men.

The Best Way to Reduce Risk

The best way to reduce risk is by selecting the most reputable CoolSculpting provider. CoolSculpting is a skill-sensitive procedure. Therefore, most of the experience and results rely on the provider’s expertise. The majority of adverse reactions or bad side effects occur due to technician errors or counterfeit CoolSculpting equipment.

When selecting a provider, prioritize experience and reputation over price. It is important to ensure the person performing the treatment is a certified CoolSculpting provider. When considering CoolSculpting, do not be persuaded by knock-off fat freezing treatments that cost less than the real thing. CoolSculpting is the only fat reduction treatment scientifically verified, and FDA cleared for reducing fat using cooling technology.

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