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What does a CoolSculpting Treatment involve?

It is hard to lose weight in targeted areas of the body from diet and exercise alone. If you struggle with resistant stubborn fat, the CoolSculpting treatment may help. It is an FDA-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets fat cells via Cryolipolysis. A skilled specialist applies controlled cooling with a handheld device to freeze fat cells in desired treatment regions. Dead fat cells eventually leave the body as waste through the lymphatic system. Once they are out of the body, they do not regrow or come back. This makes CoolSculpting an effective and long-lasting fat reduction procedure.

Continue reading to discover how this groundbreaking fat reduction treatment works, its benefits, side effects, and where you can get it done.

What Is the CoolSculpting Treatment?

The CoolSculpting treatment involves targeting stubborn fat cells via controlled cooling. This process effectively targets fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. The applicator combines cooling and suction to freeze fat cells all over the body. Men and women often get this procedure done on their abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. They love the treatment because they can get a naturally toned-looking physique without surgery. As a result, they can focus on working out for health rather than trying to meet an aesthetic goal at the gym.

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Side Effects of CoolSculpting

The FDA cleared CoolSculpting for safe and effective use in the abdomen and flank regions back in 2012. Today, it can also target other body parts. CoolSculpting works well for most people, but some clients experience slight discomfort, soreness, redness, and numbness after their sessions. These side effects are normal and subside within a couple of days. CoolSculpting is a quick and easy procedure you can schedule during your lunch break. Since it is non-invasive, people can return to work or their personal lives with minimal downtime.

Does the CoolSculpting Treatment Work?*

The CoolSculpting treatment is not a miracle cure but works well with the right expectations. It can help you shed fat but not lose weight. Since it is not a weight loss procedure, it will not change the number on the scale significantly. But you will enjoy a slimmer and more toned-looking body. Results vary per person.* Some people see significant improvement after just a single session. Others may need repeated treatments before noticing dramatic results.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Benefits

It can be frustrating when you cannot seem to shed fat despite how health-conscious you are. But this is normal. Some fat cells are just resistant to a clean and active lifestyle. The CoolSculpting treatment offers numerous benefits:

• Non-invasive sessions requiring little downtime
• Quick and easy procedure
• Virtually painless
• Delivers natural, yet stunning results
• Slims and tones the body
• More affordable than laser therapies

Get Your Dream Body with RenovoMD

RenovoMD is a leading CoolSculpting treatment provider in Northborough, Massachusetts. Worcester, Southborough, Sudbury, and Framingham residents trust us for all their cosmetic treatments. Contact us today at (508) 393-6398 to schedule a free consultation and begin the journey towards getting your dream body.


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