Woman with improved skin tone and collagen after plasma facial done at Renovo MD.

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Plasma Facial – Human Growth Factors

Women all around the globe are seeking a treatment for wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and dark circles under their eyes, and they’re turning to a successful procedure that has been used to treat injuries from sports.

The popularity of this treatment, called human growth factors for facial skin, has risen for the relevant reasons athletes chose it: put simply, it works, and it’s organic in nature. Rather than injecting chemicals into the body, plasma is extracted from the blood of the patient. This means that the possibility of ill effects are basically nonexistent, because the rejection of the body’s own blood is highly unlikely.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, a celebrity who’s embraced the procedure, the human growth factors Facelift has become very popularly known.

Scientific Proof

The studies of this human growth factors Facelift procedure have been published in many articles from medical journals that are mostly peer-reviewed and are cited on the National Institute of Health’s website.

In each study that was performed by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, happening over a three-month period, 23 patients once per month were treated. The study took a combination of plasma blood and an activating agent, then injected it into some standard spots on the neck and face.

Both prior to and after the treatments, the participants had their picture taken with a dermascope, medical imaging devices, and a camera. When each individual came in for a final evaluation one month after the final treatment, it was concluded that there were successful results and the treatment was effective. It was also shown that each individual who participated had no dire or ongoing side effects. There are also quite a few other studies on the website.

Plasma Facials Offers Real Results

On a website called RealSelf.com, most of the individuals who submitted a review on the human growth factors Facelift were happy with the results they achieved. This website gives women a chance to compare and share their stories about their own cosmetic surgeries, as well as raise concerns that are then answered by certified doctors. Here, the reviewers can also rate the doctors they’ve enlisted the services of. There was one reviewer in particular that said the results she achieved were still lasting months after her final injection. Another woman said that her skin was tighter and still glowing five weeks following the final treatment. Lastly, there was a fifty-four-year-old woman from New York who opted for the plasma facial for her face rather than Botox treatments, after hearing too many horror stories about Botox. She was able to notice a significant appearance change in her face, thus leaving her happy with the way it presented itself.

Human Growth Factors Plus Microneedling

Combine plasma facial With Microneedling for Even Better Results.

The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic surgery contains a study that took the final product of two different kinds of treatment combinations and compared them to one another. The first collaboration consisted of tiny blood paired with Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy. That combination was then differentiated to Microneedling combined with Vitamin C. The patients that these treatments were performed on each had acne scars.

Using the Goodman and Baron scale, the scars from the acne were graded after the treatment. Improvement was rated and there was a grade change in the scars from acne for both patients. Using a set of standard statistical methods, all of the data was input into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The acne scars in 23 out of 30 patients were reduced by two grades when it came to the human growth factors mixture.

If you’re not using plasma facial and Microneedling, you’re missing out.

Those who have had the plasma facial and collagen treatment combination gave it great reviews, some better than others. One of the plastic surgeons, Dr. Lisa Zdniak, chief surgeon at Precision Aesthetics, tried the same method herself and highly recommends it. She said that the plasma the tiny blood contains works by stimulating the stem cells in the patient. It causes them to create more collagen by “waking them up”, which is what allows your skin to look more youthful.  This is the healthiest and most natural way to diminish the look of aging, scars, and wrinkles, says Zdinak. The plasma contains molecules and proteins, thus, providing nutrients to the skins cells.

Precautions to Be Taken

Ice will be placed on the patients’ face immediately after the procedure, as this is a practice the majority of doctors who give plasma facial treatments prefer. This is to minimize the discoloration that can temporarily occur from bruising at the point of injection. This will also assist the swelling and skin irritation to be minimized as well for patients who may have skin sensitivities. Everything that happens is temporary and will disappear after a few days.

Proper precautions should be taken by patients who may have sensitive skin as explained by their doctor. They should allow enough time between treatments so the skin can self heal. If a patients were to get an overuse of microneedling procedures too close together, it can cause a skin infection and significant swelling.

Plasma Facial’s Effects Are Lasting

Several months after the human growth factors Facelift treatment, women find that they look even better when it came to their faces. The reason is that skin stem cells are stimulated by the plasma, which helps to produce more collagen, grow new skin cells, and revitalize their skin – literally. This new skin cell growth is regenerated within a few weeks to a few months after a human growth factors treatment. This is why it usually looks so great after longer amounts of time has passed. Other filler treatments and Botox generally break down over a while, but the plasma facial does not. It can last up to eighteen months to two years, looking great. There is no FDA regulation on the use of the human growth factors treatment, mostly because it comes from the body of the actual patient and it’s not a drug that needs to be monitored. The FDA has cleared the use of other substances with plasma facial and some systems that prepare for the use of human growth factors.

Regenerative Medicine: Why There Are No Bad Side Effects With It

Wherever the human growth factors are injected, it will stimulate the growth of new cells. There is no need for chemical or outside substances to assist with the healing process. There’s a very slim chance of an allergic reaction to the treatment because it’s coming from the body of the patient.

Please call (508) 393-6398 or fill out the form:

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Please call (508) 393-6398 or fill out the form:

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email. Reply ‘STOP’ to opt-out of marketing at any time.

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