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womans buttocks from qwo cellulite treatment at Renovo MD.

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QWO CELLULITE REDUCTION | Cosmetic injectable for dimple-free skin

Between 80-90% of adult women deal with varying degrees of cellulite appearance on their bodies.* Primarily, the area of most cosmetic concern relating to cellulite is the buttocks area. While many factors contribute to cellulite formation, even best efforts such as a healthy diet and regular exercise can’t seem to protect women from the appearance of this skin dimpling condition.

Currently, multiple cellulite reduction solutions exist across the aesthetics industry. Often, these solutions are unable to treat every case of moderate to severe cellulite appearance. Cellulite continues to be a cosmetic concern for most women, particularly in areas of the body where fat tissue is predominately stored.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved cosmetic injectable that effectively minimizes cellulite appearance in adult women’s buttocks area. The unique enzymes present in QWO restructure fat and fibrous bands below the skin’s surface to provide impressive results.

If you are interested in learning more about QWO, the new cellulite reduction cosmetic injectable, complete the contact form below or call (508) 393-6398 to schedule your free consultation. Renovo MD is proud to be among the first providers offering this exciting new procedure in the Northborough, MA area.


  • Dramatic results visible results 28 days after last treatment
  • No post-treatment downtime necessary
  • Non-surgical, minimally-invasive
  • FDA-approved cosmetic injectable
  • Newest cellulite reduction treatment available
  • Ideal alternative to surgery
  • Directly targets deep dimples
  • Can be used in tandem with other skin tightening and toning treatments


QWO is a prescription medication injected into the buttocks area to improve the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite in adult women. QWO is comprised primarily of special enzymes called collagenases. It is believed these enzymes break down a buildup of collagen found in the fibrous bands under the skin where cellulite is present. By releasing the tension in these fibrous bands, the fat cells redistribute in the area allowing the skin to lay more smoothly on the surface. This process is known as Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling (ESR™). A new method of achieving the same results that previously were only possible with invasive surgery involving the cutting of the bands.


womans buttocks before and after qwo Cellulite Injectable treatment done at Renovo MD.


CELLULITE | What causes it to appear?

To better understand how QWO improves cellulite appearance, it is essential to review the three physiological components that contribute to cellulite development.

FIBROUS SEPTAE: Collagen-based bands that anchor the skin to the fascia below the demis. They also separate the fat tissue layer into “fat lobules.”

FAT LOBULE PROTRUSION: The layer of fat, “fat lobules,” under the surface push up against the skin. However, due to irregular tension in the fibrous bands’ tethering, it causes mattress-like dimpling on the skin.

DERMAL THINNING: Over time, as our skin thins due to age, genetics, and hormonal changes, it loses its ability to provide supportive cover for the underlying soft tissue structure.

This surface dimpling, or cellulite, represents areas where these fibrous septae are irregularly tensioned. Once these bands, or septae, are released or subsidized, cellulite’s appearance is then improved.


The exact mechanism in QWO that successfully treats the appearance of cellulite is yet unknown. However, as discussed above, it is believed the enzymes in QWO are responsible for relaxing the connection of the fibrous bands tethering the skin, in a process referred to as Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling (ESR™).

There are three different stages to this process;

ENZYMATIC SUBCISION: The special enzymes present in QWO, collagenases, initiates a chemical reaction that subsides the fibrous septae without the need for surgical intervention.

FAT LOBULE REORGANIZATION: The fat tissue, specifically the fat lobules, are now free to redistribute and spread more evenly below the skin’s surface. Thus, reducing the appearance of dimpling on the buttocks.

COLLAGEN PRODUCTION & IMPROVEMENT IN DERMAL THICKNESS: This breakdown of the fibrous septae triggers the body to increase collagen production by stimulating a wound-healing type response—the collagen aids in thickening the previously thinned out layer of skin. Eventually, new fibrous septae may reform, but they will be smaller and thinner than before, leading to long-lasting results.


If you experience visible dimpling on the skin’s surface in your buttocks area, you may consider yourself someone who suffers from moderate to severe cellulite concerns. QWO may be an ideal treatment to treat this area of concern. However, QWO is only FDA-approved to improve the appearance of cellulite, not improve skin laxity. Women with well-defined dimpling and some loss of skin tightness may still be good candidates for QWO. The treatment will only be capable of diminishing the appearance of cellulite dimples.

QWO can minimize various signs of moderate to severe cellulite appearance, including:

  • “Orange Peel Skin” caused by multiple minor dimpling in an area
  • Moderate “Cottage Cheese Skin,” concentrated area of deeper dimpling
  • Isolated deep “dimple” depressions in the skin
  • Severe cellulite, “mattress” skin with 10 or more deep depressions
  • “Draping” of the skin in the buttocks area

Yes, Qwo has received FDA approval to treat moderate to severe cellulite in adult women’s buttocks. Throughout the clinical studies regarding Qwo cellulite reduction injectable, adverse reactions associated with this treatment ranged from mild to moderate and resolved independently within 2-3 weeks following the procedure.


Like many cosmetic procedures, the cost of treatment with Qwo cellulite reduction injections will vary per patient. Most patients will have their aesthetic goals met by the recommended treatment plan of 3 treatments, 21 days apart. Other patients may choose to proceed with additional treatments for continued improvement. The number of “dimples” treated per area will also determine the number of injection sites needed. All these factors combined will affect the final cost of your Qwo treatment.

During your free consultation with Renovo MD, a member of our medical aesthetics team will determine your eligibility for this revolutionary new cellulite reduction treatment. Your ultimate aesthetic goals will be discussed, along with an expert evaluation of the area to be treated. If determined that Qwo is an ideal treatment for your cosmetic concerns, our skilled providers will create a treatment plan. Pricing will then be discussed in detail, keeping in mind your budget and desired results.

If any Qwo cellulite reduction promotions or specials are available, your treatment provider will discuss these at your appointment. Please schedule a no-cost consultation by calling (508) 393-6398 to inquire about any Qwo discounts currently available.


The diminished appearance of cellulite in the buttocks area achieved with QWO cosmetic injectable is long-lasting. As with many cosmetic treatments, subsequent procedures, or “touch-ups,” may be recommended by your provider. We recommend you maintain a healthy lifestyle since noticeable weight changes may obscure your final results. At your check-in appointment, following the last procedure of your treatment plan, your medical aesthetician will discuss long-term goals for maintaining your smooth, dimple-free results.


Side effects, in general, are minimal and involve reactions such as bruising, pain or itching at the injection site, and some hardness in the treatment area. It is normal to expect some bruising as 84% of subjects in clinical studies treated with QWO experienced bruising at the injection site. Most side effects resolve on their own without further intervention required.


As a premier medical aesthetics center in the Northborough, MA area, Renovo MD is proud to be among the first to offer this innovative, groundbreaking treatment for cellulite reduction. Our centrally located office provides the best cosmetic procedures available to the neighborhoods of Town Center, Woodside, and Chapmanville.

With over 13 years in business, our medical aesthetics program, led by renowned physician Dr. Jean Casello, MD, has been featured multiple times in the local Community Advocate publication for our top-of-the-line aesthetics treatments and transformations.

If you are interested in beginning treatment with QWO cellulite reduction injectable and realizing your dreams of impeccably smooth dimple-free skin, please fill out the form below or call (508) 393-6398 to schedule your free consultation with one of our expert providers.

Please call (508) 393-6398 or fill out the form:

by submitting this form you agree to be contacted via text/phone/email.

Please call (508) 393-6398 or fill out the form:

by submitting this form you agree to be contacted via text/phone/email.


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